Your solar panel installation will use the most up-to-date technologies and components available on the market today. We design all our solar power systems to the highest engineering standards for optimal energy production today and for decades to come.

Residential Solar Panel Installation Saves Money

Recently, a financial adviser with John Deere decided to research the profitability of a residential solar panel installation in the southwest region of Olathe, Kansas. As a financial adviser, he knew he had to have a sound investment model for evaluation and comparison and so he chose the rent vs. own scenario. Could he financially [...]

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Solar Panel Installation: Step-By-Step Process

The second most common question we get is, “What all is involved in a solar panel installation?” (The most common question has to do with costs, but we’ll leave that for another post) This second most common question is an excellent question because, unlike traditional electrical installations, you don’t simply call the electric company and set [...]

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